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Sporting Performance. How to Train to Maximize Your Sporting Performance

If you want to maximise or improve your sporting performance then you need to read this complete knowledge resource and more. You will need to understand all of the principles of exercise with possibly the most relevant one being specificity. If you don’t understand the principles of training and don’t have a great coach, then you are prone to making training mistakes. Mistakes in training lead to poor performance and injury.

If you have higher aspirations of professional sport and want to reach the peak of your performance while minimizing the risk of injury, then these points become critical. High-quality individual assessment and coaching is the only way to achieve the best results.

For more, refer to specificity.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Specificity & Performance Strength Training

Specificity is one of the main principles of exercise. It describes the fact that training of muscles and types of muscular actions improves…

Choosing A Coach Or Personal Trainer

These attributes are what to look for to increase your chances of success in finding a great personal trainer or fitness coach.

Combining Forms of Exercise & Compatibility Issues

When combining forms of exercise, compatibility issues can exist. One type of training can negatively impact the performance of another.