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    Performance & Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs)

    Performance and image enhancing drug use is high amongst the weight lifting and sporting community which is a shame because it sets up unrealistic expectations. Guys soon realize that they can’t get as much muscle growth as those big guys in the gym or the media. And women think that lifting something heavy will turn them into some grotesque muscle-bound beast. The connection that many of those big guys (and girls) are taking drugs (roids, gear, juice, etc.) is often missed.

    There is apparently no safe level of drug use. There are many negative physical and psychological side effects from steroid and peptide use. For more refer to Even approved over the counter medication from your pharmacist carries risks of undesirable side effects. Injecting PIEDs carries the additional risks of needle use such as infection, disease transmission, abscesses, and the like.

    Given that this resource aims to help you improve your health and fitness, I haven’t dedicated time to this topic. I can only suggest that if you are considering getting on the ‘gear’ that you instead lift heavy. I would also consider finding a good psychologist to help work through any potential issues healthily. If you are on the juice, be mindful that walking around the gym trying to dominate everyone else with your glare makes you look like a nob. Just chill.

    Saturday, February 16, 2019


    Muscle Growth, Hypertrophy or ‘Tone’

    If you want to grow muscle mass, otherwise known as hypertrophy or tone, there’s more to it than just doing bench presses and chest flies.